Local newspapers are the lifeblood of communities throughout the country. And even though the squeeze on them continues unabated – Johnston Press, publishers of two great, venerable British newspapers, The Scotsman and The Yorkshire Post is planning to telescope some of their local dailies into weeklies – we thought it was timely to list the generic newspapers titles, minus their local, regional or national appellations, that readers in the English-speaking world have enjoyed for well over 200 years.

If you can think of any other titles for newspapers, please get in touch; so far, however, we’ve come up with:

Age Free Press Press
Argus Guardian Sentinel
Bulletin Globe Spectator
Citizen Herald Standard
Chronicle Inquirer Star
Courier Journal Sun
Dispatch Mail Telegraph
Echo Mercury Times
Evening   News Mirror Today
Examiner Newsday Town Crier
Express Observer Tribune
Extra Post World


Not bad for starters. We recently came across a website title called the Cumbria Crack, but so far, we think that’s unique and not replicated elsewhere; unless, of course, you know different…