Squillions from Steven


Bob Hoskins, the actor who died last week, is reported to have received a call some years ago from Steven Spielberg’s office asking about his availability for a planned film and whether they could send him a script. He said yes and the script duly arrived. Bob then told Mr. Spielberg’s office he liked it.

He heard no more until, a year or so later, a handwritten letter arrived from Mr Spielberg saying he was very sorry but after much deliberation another actor had been cast in the part. By way of apology for wasting Bob’s time a cheque for $250,000 was enclosed.

Bob replied: “Dear Mr Spielberg. Thank you very much for your letter. If there are any more films you don’t want me to be in, please let me know.”

Blueprint brief – 7th May 2014
Source: Giles Coren, The Times, 3rd May 2014