our services

We provide a range of services to our clients which includes the regular appearance in all appropriate titles of authoritative articles under clients' by-lines; placement of profile-raising stories in targeted media; a consistent programme of communications with journalists in professional, trade and financial publications; and, the continuous investigation of media opportunities which provide our clients with a window in which to demonstrate their expertise.


·     News Releases
We offer clients expertise in the preparation and distribution of news and feature releases to all media. Our exceptional hit rate on such releases is testament to our close understanding of journalists' needs.

·     Ghostwriting
Our ghostwriting service involves interviewing clients on specific subjects with media appeal, drafting well-written articles and 'selling' them into target publications.

·     Media Opportunities
We provide clients with advice on media opportunities, including sponsorship, advertorials, competitions or advertising slots. Close collaboration with the media enables us to negotiate competitive rates.

·     Social Media Strategies
Social networks have evolved into an indispensable communications tool. Businesses need to know how to use them to their best advantage – and avoid the pitfalls. We can advise on implementation and strategy.

·     Marketing Literature
For both internal and external communications, newsletters and marketing literature can be invaluable. We offer professionally written content, first class design and efficient printing delivery and distribution.

·     Speechwriting & Coaching
A good speech makes an important and lasting impression – as does a bad one, for all the wrong reasons. We can craft speeches which get your message across clearly, accurately and entertainingly, and provide coaching for effective delivery.

·     Reputation Management
A reputation which has been painstakingly built over years can be lost in a moment, without guidance and strategies for when the unforeseen happens. Blueprint Media has worked with major companies and high-powered individuals to help them keep control of how they are perceived in an increasingly intrusive digital age.