News Releases

We offer customers expertise in the preparation and distribution of news and feature releases to all media. Our exceptional hit rate on such releases is testament to our close understanding of journalists' needs.

Customers sometimes ask what makes an effective news release. The answer, in our view, is one that gives reporters on newspapers, magazines and websites the basis of a story which they will find worthwhile including in their publication.

This means the news release must provide the who, what, where, when and how of the story as well as the why, as succinctly and as clearly as possible.

The headline to the story is an important element which must also be clear and informative because it is likely to determine whether a news desk is going to decide to run the story rather  

than reject it. Equally, the first paragraph should tell the story from the customer’s perspective and the subsequent paragraphs should include comments from the principals involved.

Contact details at the foot of the release guide reporters to the appropriate source should they require more information while the Note to Editors section is designed to provide context and further guidance on the basis of the story.

Below is an example of coverage received for a story in September 2022 about Spectrum Properties upgrading the Tollcross Mansion House, and appeared in a number of publications.

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