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We can advise on social media strategy and its implementation. We manage also the weekly social media output for our customers across platforms.

Social media networks have evolved into an indispensable communications tool

Social media networks have evolved into an indispensable communications tool. Businesses need to know how to use them to their best advantage – and how to avoid the many pitfalls. We can advise on implementation and strategy. We manage also the weekly social media output for our customers across platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the past, in-print news coverage, even in our foremost newspapers, would be, literally, wrapping someone’s fish and chips the following day. Now, in the internet era most news stories appear not only in the print edition, but also in that newspaper or magazine’s online edition.

This means your company’s online stories have longevity – they stick around – so that when, even months afterwards, someone resorts to Google in search of your business they will be presented with a range of stories that have appeared in various media outlets as well as on your website.

Searches extend now also to social media and, increasingly, people search for companies they want to know more about on social media even before they search Google. 

For the sake of clarity, “social media” is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

It’s a term which covers a wide area and the number of social media platforms is vast. The main platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Everyone knows a little about the first three. The pictures-based app Instagram is the newest kid on the block and has really grown since becoming part of the Facebook group.

An increasing part of Blueprint’s business is managing social media content for our customers. And if you are thinking, “…oh but I don’t think we have enough content to justify a social media presence…”, maybe you should think again. There are so many types of messages which can be used. Consider these approaches.

If you want to discuss social media for your business then get in touch. If you are planning to go it alone for your business then here are some top tips:

INTERNAL NEWS — products, staff, charity efforts, awards
  • new products / services, product launch, product teasers, product demos…
  • new starts or looking to recruit? Apprenticeships
  • sponsoring local team to fun runs
  • long serving staff or significant birthdays / milestones achievements
  • projects completed and progress with pictures
EXTERNAL NEWS — highlighting and having an opinion on relevant topics
  • legislation change, Budget, Brexit…
POSITIVE NEWS — reviews, case studies, testimonials, competitions
  • Showcase this positivity using pictures, gifs, videos, words, streams….
ENTERTAIN — light hearted, on the road observations or events
MARKET INTELLIGENCE — What are people saying? Can you spot trends?

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