Reputation Management

A reputation which has been painstakingly built over years can be lost in a moment, without guidance and strategies for when the unforeseen happens.

Building a seriously good corporate reputation is a hard but very worthwhile slog which demands years and years of performing to the highest standards, keeping customers satisfied, recording good results, rewarding team members and suppliers properly and running a happy and efficient ship. Perception is a fundamental part of this. Some organisations which look good from the outside can be hell-holes to work in: ask anyone who has worked as a student or an intern in an otherwise highly-regarded business. Is the low-level management imbued with the fine principles of the corporate mission statement or are they brutal, uncaring slaves to their own hard-driving superiors?

Or is the business run by genuine, ethical people with a moral compass?

Blueprint Media has worked with a range of major companies and high-powered individuals in the latter category to help them keep control of how they are perceived in an increasingly intrusive digital age.

Sometimes the issue which leads to an undermining of a reputation can be out of the hands of the owner or a company’s senior management. 

Sometimes, the financial management of the business can fall into the hands of someone who is essentially desperate and, unfortunately, in a position to strip the business of its precious cash resources. At other times, legislation, or technical innovation can undermine entirely a technique or approach that has been, otherwise tried and tested.

Seasoned PR practitioners are the best people to see the world as it is rather than as we would all like it to be, and a practical approach to re-building a corporate reputation can bring a business, a one-time generator of employment, satisfaction and prosperity, back from the edge of vulnerability to the sunlit uplands of a better future.

There are any number of instances of how things can go wrong for a business and its owners: an indiscrete remark in course of a media interview, a sub-contracted supplier which fails to fulfil its obligations, an over-looked piece of legislation, a change to tax legislation in the Budget and, of course, a “black swan” event which, entirely unpredictable, changes the landscape forever.

Blueprint Media has lived such events through its customers and is there to provide a guiding hand to any business which needs it, so feel free to get in touch.

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