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The popularity of podcasts is not going away and a recent report estimates The Global Podcasting Market size is expected to reach $41.8 billion by 2026.


We regularly have customer contribute to topical features in articles in magazines and websites and were asked recently by the Herald hq magazine what some of our Glasgow business owner customers listened to when it came to podcasts.


Their response was terrific and, in the end, half of The Herald’s published recommendations were Blueprint Media contacts. You can read the finished article on page 108 / 109 here.


We think the high quality of their recommendations is worthy of a blog post and below is a range of programmes for you to explore, courtesy of some Blueprint Media contacts. You can thank us later!



Before lockdown I really enjoyed the Brexitcast on BBC Sounds. An entertaining way to summarise the key developments in a lighthearted way. The camaraderie between Laura Keunssberg, Katya Adler, Adam Fleming and Chris Mason was infectious and gave the impression that we were all in the mess together. It was enlightening to see these TV figures in an informal setting.


Brexitcast reverted to Newscast when the Covid-19 crisis hit us. Whilst the lightheartedness was toned down, it was still a great source of a summary of the developments, as the situation evolved on a daily basis. One episode that stands out was their treatment of Dominic Cummings. Whilst the BBC is supposed to be independent – the discussions around Cummings-gate was very tongue in cheek! They were as incredulous as the rest of the country.


I enjoyed Off the Ball podcast while working in the garden during lockdown. The addition of Professor Jason Leitch to the team was genius. With the nation being absolutely sick of bad news being delivered by the politicians and advisors, 5 days per week, Jason Leitch opened himself up to cross-examination by Stuart, Tam and the public: ‘When can we get back to football’, ‘When can we have a steak bake again’, ‘who is responsible in the Leitch household for straightening the pictures before TV interviews’. When a public figure is willing to open themselves up in this way, they have a platform to demonstrate integrity, humour and personality.


Lastly, Paul McKenna’s positivity podcast. Most people that know me will tell you that I don’t need any more positivity, but this podcast is excellent. Words of wisdom from successful public figures such as Simon Cowell, Warwick Davies and Gary Lineker. What drives them, what makes them successful. One simple phrase that I took this podcast was from Gary Lineker’s: ‘Always give yourself the best possible chance to succeed’. “


Fergus Adams

Managing Director,

Dougall Baillie Associates




I personally like Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast, a well-known Social Media and online marketing ‘guru’ which can be found here.”


David Roddie  MA, MSc

Trend Differently

Creative | Digital | Marketing




The ones that I enjoy are targeted at our profession:


  • The Financial Life Coach Podcast
  • The Adviser Gap Podcast
  • The Retirement Café Podcast


I also listen to the Joe Rogan Experience but to say that one regularly helps me in business may be a stretch!


Mark Robinson APFS MCSI
Director & Chartered Financial Planner

Begley Brown Financial Solutions Ltd




This podcast is really good.


I like Scott Stratten’s unpodcast, it’s entertaining and has lots of general good advice and viewpoints on business, marketing and in turn social media. It comes very much from a consumer perspective and really gets to the heart of what in a society we will accept and more importantly not, where marketers try to walk the line.


Alan Fair

Managing Director

Contact Online Ltd




Not really sure about strictly business-related podcasts, but in terms of interesting/stress relief/escapism stuff I’ve really enjoyed The Anti Coffee Coffee Club podcasts, as well as Grounded with Louis Theroux and My Favourite Murder. 


Bit of a weird mix maybe, but they’ve been great for getting out of my head and helping balance the stresses of the Covid landscape.


Sian Wilkie


Wilkie & Rider

Opticians in Alexandria & Dumbarton 




I started listening to Podcasts around a year ago. I would define my choice of podcasts similarly to how I define my choice of music – an eclectic mix of utter trash and nonsense.


It was the most bizarre trigger that made me start listening to them – it was all to do with an interview with Macauley Culkin and about his relationship with Michael Jackson. I read a story in the paper about it and it caught my attention. I started listening to more podcasts by Michael Rosenbaum (American Actor) and started listening to other podcasts; Joe Rogan, Dax Shepard, Jamie Carragher, Citylets and my friends podcast called ‘UR Welcome America’.


In terms of listening about people in business, Joe Rogan tends to interview a host of different people. The main driver behind it all is that I find it helps me destress on the way to and from work. If I pick up anything insightful whilst listening then that’s a bonus.


Riccardo Giovanacci Bsc, MARLA, MNAEA

Managing Director of Newton Letting

Newton Letting




My favourite podcasts are as follows:


  • Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell – where he looks at overlooked and misunderstood stories. They are not always business related but they are always fascinating.
  • The Adam Buxton podcast – always has great guests and he is so open with the guests that they open up to
    • (Scroobius Pip Distraction Pieces and Marc Maron WTF are also good)
  • Films to be Buried with – I’m a huge film fan and this is like Desert Island Movies!
  • Desert Island Discs – always interesting guests and fascinating stories
  • How to Fail – looks at how you need to fail and learn from your mistakes to succeed
  • The Drop Out – was a one off series about a entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who basically defrauded a lot of people and looks at the fine line between faking it until you make it and outright falsehoods and misselling
    • The Missing CryptoQueen is also meant to very good and in a similar vein
  • The High Low – highlights and lowdowns on the weeks news
  • Fortunately with Fi and Jane – behind the scene with Radio 4 presenters (let loose without the rules of Radio 4)
  • Scaling up with Reid Hoffman is probably the most “business-y” podcast that I listen to
  • I’ve read a few good books recently and the authors have podcasts (Donald Miller – Storybrand) and Damian Hughes (The Barcelona Way) has a podcast called The High Performance Podcast with Jake Humphreys which looks good


I mainly use podcasts to switch off and to get out the work mindset (although I also use them to get my daughter to sleep – Little Stories for Tiny People is a good one!)


Stuart Clark

Managing Director

Russell & Russell Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers


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