Brian Williamson…what’s your story?

Brian Williamson, a serial entrepreneur, is chairman of Glasgow-headquartered 4icg Group, whose subsidiaries include Fierce Digital, Pursuit Marketing and Software Advisory Service.

He is also an investor-director with Vert Technologies, chairman of Miigen and thinkWhere, and co-owner of Tiger Industries.

A long-time friend and customer of Blueprint Media, he was formerly chief executive of Jumpstart and chairman of Brightwork before each was sold, at premier prices per share, to new owners.


Who? Dr Brian Williamson

Where? 4icg offices, Glasgow

When? Autumn 2019

What? Interviewed on his successful entrepreneurial career and top tips from his experience. It was all encompassing and covered: 

  •  Highs and lows of career
  •  Risks
  •  How do you evaluate risk?
  •  How do you balance up the board on a business?
  •  Importance of Sales 
  •  Marketing and raising media profile
  •  Jumpstart journey
  •  Brightwork 
  •  4icg
  •  ThinkWhere 
  •  Miigen
  •  Vert Rotors 
  •  Addressing STEM skill shortages
  •  Big DATA
  •  3 top tips in business 
  •  Quick fire questions