Craig J Lemmon…what’s your story?

Craig J Lemmon founded and operates Miigen, a Blueprint Media customer, which continues to add users globally to its digital time capsule platform for later living.

A proven entrepreneur, Craig also runs Stirling-based 2e-volve, an outsourced IT managed services supplier. 


Craig J Lemmon
CEO, Miigen


1. In less than 45 words, give us an Elevator Pitch for your business.

Let’s face it Losing our Memory is Terrifying.  

Miigen, builds a life raft of personalised memories, in your words & voice, to remind you of the life you have had. We play these back in later life as “memory triggers” to replant lost memories, which are the story of a life, a family and a community.

Families need no longer sit by, impotent, and watch their parents and grandparents disappear in front of their eyes.  With Miigen you can reignite lost memories to improve the mental well-bring of your family members.


2. What do you like the most about your job? 

When I started Miigen it was to solve a global problem so we started building a Global company.  I enjoy building routes to market via problem solving for clients. To me memories are as refreshing as water and both keep us alive one physically and one mentally – I like projecting this message.


3. What has been your best moment in business?

There have been many special moments in my 34 year business career but one of the most satisfying was watching a hall full of elderly ladies discussing their collective pasts at a Miigen show and tell evening. My ears are still wringing.


4. What lessons have you learned that you would pass on to others?

One thing I have learned is that plenty of people will offer you advice.  They will suggest this book or that to read or this road to take. In the end it is your journey don’t be afraid to make mistakes and fall down – some are costly financially and some emotionally but in both cases you will learn one thing and that is how it applies to you and no one else. Secondly, as a start-up you need to know when to stop learning and start earning.


5. Tell us about your first job and any unusual jobs you’ve had in the past?

I am a time served toolmaker. We were taught that fine detail matters. We designed things, made things and then made them work – a perfect formula for building a business – well I thought so and have followed the same principles ever since.

Having not had a real job since 1983 – however, when I lived in Germany in the early 80’s I was paid to play football for the local Sunday league team. I was paid in Wursts and beers.


6. What do you hope the future hold for you and your business?

Miigen has a value proposition which resonates with many. I hope I can find the funds and people to grow it into a Global resource which enhances the quality of later life living and gives families the tools to help deal with the tragedy of memory loss of their ageing parents. Life should mean for life and not just until your memory lets you down. Building a Life Raft of Miigen Memories with voice tags seems a sensible thing to do as we can replant these memories in later life.


7. Away from work, what do you like to do?

I love reading books – but fiction only, Lee Child, Vince Flynn etc. I would love to get back to my paints at some time. I enjoy travelling which is good considering I have been on 30 plus business trips in the last 24 months.


8. What’s the last book / concert / Netflix series you most enjoyed?

Both the same answer.  Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch and Bosch on Netflicks – Titus Welliver’s performance is so close to the original character it is scary.


9. Where is your happy place?

Bamberg in Germany drinking Schlenkerla beer.


10. If you could invite any three people, living or dead, to have dinner with, who would you choose?

The Marx Brothers.